a reflection on a few of this year’s movies

There are a few medium to big budget films that I’ve seen this year and like for different reasons. “Gravity” was a big crowd pleaser even though it was a really simple story, almost too simple. I liked the CG images which were so photo real, so well done that it deserves accolades for that alone. “Rush” was just that, with wonderful imaginative camera work from Anthony Dod Mantle. The story was engaging, true and well done. It had some mis-steps but it was generally a solid film. But nothing prepared me for what is probably the best of the films that I’ve seen this year. That film is “The Counselor”.  Yes, Ridley Scott’s newest work that is sublime. Although it’s budget was hardly that of the other two films it was amazingly well made. Every department did great work. I give a big nod to cinematographer Dariusz Wolski who did a really beautiful job. Ridley Scott is so in tune with this one. The dialogue is perfect, not smarmy like Tarantino, or too effetely smart like Sorkin. Just perfect. And the storytelling gives you just enough information without being obvious. And of course it is not doing well at the US box office! Americans really like EASY, OBVIOUS and SENTIMENTAL! Witness “The Butler” among others. I am hoping to see something even better in the last two months of 2013 which would be wonderful. Something along the lines of “American Beauty” or “The Sweet Hereafter”. One can only hope.

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